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I cracked my 3 inch LCD screen on my Fuji camera.is there a way to make a view finder? Answered

 Its a fujifilm 10 mega pixel digital camera, when on the 3 inch screen turns white and crack is black. is there any chance i could replace it under $100.



9 years ago

Back in the days when cameras had flash shoes, I would have suggested you get one of the optical view finders which mount on the flash shoe.

Failing that, best suggestions I've got are to learn to shoot "blind" -- which can be a good compositional exercise, actually -- or get a replacement camera, or go hunting for someone who can repair it.


9 years ago

You may well find someone on Ebay that can supply a replacement screen. LCDs are a common fault in cameras and all sorts of machines, so there are lots of places that do spares.