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I did something really stupid and need help?????? Answered

I am new to electronics and I am trying to build a Arduino UNO and I started to solder the first part on the board and about half way through I realized that I was supposed to use (no clean solder) and I used a core base solder so I need to know if anyone would be so nice and explain how and what to use to clean the board really good to make sure I get it right the first time so I don't waste $70 bucks on the board? I added a couple of pics to show what I need to clean. I know I'm showing my bad solder job but even though I'm new to this I can solder better than this...lol

Thank you for any help


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2 years ago

It does not really matter what type of solder you use as long as the connections are made properly.
To me it looks like you have a problem with the heat.
Try to heat the leg of the part AND the solder pad at the same time.
Then add just enough solder to make a nice connection.