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I do dvd presentations in rural Kenya, and most venues are off-road. What battery do I need to power my set-up? Answered

Since most of my venues are off the road, I need a battery that is not too heavy so I can cart it on foot.

My presentations are usually only one hour long.

My equipment is as follows:

A Sony 2000 lumen lcd projector. On the back plate it says:100 - 240 volts/ 2.4 - 1.0 amps, 50/60Hz.

An Armco DVD-DX600 dvd player. On the back it says: AC 240 volts -50Hz -25W

An AMPEX AX575MS amplifier. On the back it says:

P.M.P.0.1000w, Impedence 4(OHM)

Frequency response: subwoofer amplifier: 20hz-20hz; satellite amplifier 100hz-20Khz; subwoofer speaker:20hz-300hz; satellite speaker 100hz-20khz; separation: >45dB; S/n ratio >75dB

My presentations are usually only one hour long.

What’s the total current load of my system?

What size battery do I need to run this rig for one hour?

Do I need a marine battery?

A deep cycle battery?

Any specific battery you would recommend?

Thanks, MamaJoy


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11 years ago

Say approximately 350 W load. On 12V, that's 350/12 A
Yes, you need a deep cycle battery ideally, so you can thrash the thing, and keep it light. So you need a MINIMUM of 30Ahr battery, probably more. A sealed Lead Acid battery like this.

A 40 AHr battery would have these dimensions, in deep cycle technology
  • Dimensions: 197 x 165 x 170/170 mm, (LxWxH/Total Height)
  • Weight: 13.8 Kg Approx
Pretty heavy !
Mama Joy
Mama Joy

Answer 11 years ago

Thanks, Steve, great Answer.

Actually I'm relieved about the weight. I was thinking I might have to lug TWO batteries and thinking that would just be TOO MUCH.

I forgot to ask you about a compatible battery charger and inverter. Any suggestions?



Answer 11 years ago

Inverter, its not a terribly tough spec, the cheaper they are, the less efficient I would say. Try to get one that fits the load - a 1000W inverter running on 300 W can often be less efficient than a 500 running on 300 if you see what I mean. No recommendations on make I'm afraid really.  I'd try and audition a few different ones on the real load.

In practice, I'd be surprised if your audio system EVER gets cranked up to full, its that projector that's the power hog

Battery charger - you could rig it as a "second battery" in the car without much work, so you could charge running between jobs.

Some experimentation is needed.