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I don't know my peltier unit's specification, Help needed to identify Answered

I have extracted a peltier TEC unit from my small USB fridge.
I intend to put the cooling unit into a bigger and more better casing so it'll cool other things rather than a can softdrink.
The problem is, it's just getting 18' celcius and I need it to be lower than that.
I've tried using a USB charger that outputs the usual usb 5V but 1 amp, the temp just goes down 1-2' celcius.
I want to put a higher voltage power into the cooling unit, but I'm afraid that I'll just burn the thing out.
But the problem is, I don't know the spec of the peltier unit that I have.
So, can anybody tell me the maximum voltage and amps that the peltier unit can handle?

The cooler loooks like this http://www.everythingusb.com/mini_usb_fridge_12625.html



10 years ago

i think you can go down more if you improve cooling on the hot side a big amd or pentium 4 cooler that touches the entire surface of the plate should be ok


Reply 10 years ago

I'll do that, but before this I've tried puttting a faster fan on it rather than the miserable 5 volt original that it had. And it made no difference... After this, I'll put a bigger heatsink. Maybe my old P4 heatsink should do a difference. But does anyone know the wattage of this unit? Or just the max amps and voltagesfor the peltier unit? I'd rather input near the max input of it so it'll be colder.


Reply 10 years ago

i dont know exactly. if it has some kinda code search it on inet i think or it as - its a bunch of resistors that move heat from one side to other. it can be damaged only by overheating and mechanical stress overheating - anything below 80 C is probably ok for resistors. and we use powerfull cooler to cool it so we wont get any close. intel standard cooler (the type without copper core) keeps 60 - 70 W pentium 4 below 50 C. amd cpus eat way more power and their coolers keep them cool too mechanical stress that can crack the plate - resulf of too high temperature difference between the sides. (thats what happens in xbox when you see red switch). the computer cooler lowers the temperature of the hot side (the low limit is the ambient air) so the cool side gets cooler by the same amount of C respectively. thats without any increase in temp difference between the sides (the cause of stress). it probably can hold about 10 C difference and maybe much more