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I don't wanna be sued!? Answered

Thank you for your thoughtful and detailed instructable! Bookmarked for future reference! I was curious, how do you negotiate copyright laws? (I recognized the Where the Wild Things Are quotes) I had an idea for using my father's old comics as one of my main materials, but emailing Marvel for permission was a waste of my time. How do you stay legal, or do you just hope they don't come after you?



Best Answer 5 weeks ago

I make sure I hand letter and draw everything by hand so I'm not copying the original work. That seems to work best! But your case is a little trickier :)

I've seen many folks use comic book pages and prints in their products, and I'm guessing they're just hoping to not get caught! It's fairly rare to get flagged for copyright on Etsy, so I think many people go for it and hope it all work out since there's such a HUGE market for fandom merch.