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I entered a design contest... Answered

Spoonflower has weekly design competitions.  I don't have time to enter most of them, but Betabrand was sponsoring this one and it seemed interesting.

The theme was 8 or 16 bit inspired graphics, bringing to mind retro gaming - without copyright infringement.  Betabrand is planning on making pants and some other stuff with the winning design.  I can't do certain things halfway, so I started designing a game in order to make the fabric pattern.  Hopefully eventually I can hire someone to do the coding for me so I can turn it into a simple in-browser game.

I've attached an image of my design.

voting is open today.  Here's the link to the voting, in case you're interested:



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7 years ago

Well, you've definitely got the look..!

There are several free game-making softwares about that allow you to create games 'without having to code'. GameMaker by YOYO Games is one, though I believe they've had to create a specific 'how-to' community(?) for platformers. Might save you the cost of hiring someone to code the game (or, I suppose you could always ask if anyone would be willing to take it on - which would probably be cheaper than hiring a programmer...)