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I forgot my PDF password, help ,PL Answered



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9 years ago

A PDF password remover (also called a PDF password cracker, password reset, or password recovery tool) is a program that can be use to either remove, find or bypass the security on a PDF file.

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1. PDF Password Recovery 5.0
2. PDF Crack
3. Freeware PDF Unlocker

1.PDF Password Recovery 5.0 is an easy-to-use tool designed for removing passwords added to Adobe Acrobat PDF documents.

Method: It helps to decrypt protected Adobe Acrobat PDF files which are preventing the file from editing, printing, selecting text and graphics(and copying them into the Clipboard), or adding/changing annotations and form fields. With PDF Password Recovery, PDF decrypt can be done instantly. Decrypted file can be opened in any PDF viewer with edit/copy/print functions.

Limits: This PDF Password Recovery supports all versions of Adobe Acrobat. It also recovers document open passwords.

My Test: All versions through Adobe Acrobat 9.0 are supported.

Decrypt PDF files protected with owner passwords.

Support all Service Packs.