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I had 50 or so album covers destroyed by water. Any ideas where to get replacement covers? Thanks? Answered



7 years ago

To get actual cover replacements might be pretty difficult without buying the records. But you could probably make your own replica's. You would need to get a wide format printer that can print on heavy card board, or if you can't afford that you could check with a copy center and see what they would charge for printing. Then you need to find online sources of the artwork. You might get someone to scan an existing cover for you. Then print out your own covers. Not a restoration tactic but it would give you an idea of what the cover looks like.
Most records are selling pretty cheap on eBay. There were a lot of them made and some people like me who would have never thought of throwing them out still have a lot so they are not scarce. That means that you have to consider the cost factor in trying to get replacements or make replacements. Its going to be mostly sentimental value so original covers may not be what you want as apposed to a printed one.
I found 6 big boxes full of albums in a house that the people moved out of and just left behind. To them it was just junk. And young people today don't care at all about them. So there are some still floating around that can be picked up for free.


7 years ago

I collect album covers mostly on itunes and the the web
Showing my rarest cover.