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I had to move my computer armoire against a half wall. The back of the armoire shows. Any creative ideas to cover it up? Answered

The armoire is backed up against a half wall in our loft. We have about a five inch ledge for the wall. The half wall is actually kind of like a window cut out of the wall, so it has sides and a top as well. Area is 96inx44in. Armoire showing is 38inx30in. Please help!



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11 years ago

  • Back the 38" x 30" part of the armoire that shows with a plain white background (posterboard, the back of a poster you no onger want to display, the back of wrapping papper....), and then hang a picture, poster, or banner you like.
  • Or just back that space with a wrapping paper, wall paper, or fabric you like.
  • Find a wrapping or wall paper printed with blue sky and clouds, use that to back the armoire, and them hang a curtain rod and curtains in your little wall "window" space.
  • Back the armoire as above, install shelves across the "window"space, and use to proudly display your collection of (whatever it is you collect).