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I have 20 leds I want to hook in series. can someone tell me how to do it? Answered

here are the specs of the bulbs.
Parameter Typ Max Unit Luminous Intensity 4180min 10000 mcd Viewing Angle 24°~30° 23° Deg Forward Voltage 3.3- 3.6 V Reverse Voltage ~ ~ V Forward Current 20 mA Wavelength ----nm Operating Temperature Range -40°C to -80°C Storage Temperature Range -40°C to -80°C Lead Soldering Temperature(4mm from body) 260°C for 5 seconds Datasheet Download Color?



9 years ago

It is funny you gave this site. I was searching the internet yesterday and found this same site. they have another one on there that shows you how to wire up multiples also. This is a very handy site. Thanks