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I have 500 business cards, and i was wondering if you (yes, YOU) had any cool ideas of what i can do with them?? Answered

I was sitting here, staring at these babies, when i go " I betcha someone on Instructables has a good idea or two"...so. yea, One thing led to another, and here i am, asking you( yes YOU) what to do. 

Here is what you may (or may not) need to know...

They have someone else's name on them. And adress, and phone number.

They have a kinda pretty background pic, but then again, you can hardly tell with all of the writing.

They are for a realtor. ( no, i didn't hijack them from an open house.....)

The backs are blank

They are not the glossy type...I wonder if i could fix that with a smear of two of lipgloss? J/K

I have already tried card throwing, and lest just say....my mom (lovingly) told me she'd kill me if i ever did it again.  SO, thats out of the picture...(maybe) lol 

SO, help me out here....give me a few ideas! ( I know you have one....) 



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9 years ago

Papier mache and make an awesome halloween mask that would be totally unique.


10 years ago

house of cards, fill someones locker with them, 500 paper airplanes (little ones), weird wallet out of them...thats about all i got