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I have SPDT with 12 volts hooked to 2 LED strips of the same reel, I just cut them. I need some input Answered

I have some 12 volt LED strips, well I cut and made two and wired them to  SPDT on-off-on toggle switch. Then I wired a LED indicator LED to the outside of the box to indicate one was on, not both(don't ask me why,lol). I used a 7812 to get 12 volts cause the walwart was to high, my problem is I get the 12 volts from the side I don't have the indicator light which I know now is taking away from the 12 volts from the other side I have the indicator LED to, my question is, how do I wire it so I don't have that voltage drop? Make the voltage coming in higher? Like 14 volts? That won't hurt the LED srtrips rated for 12 volts will it? I would appreciate an answer, I'm pretty green and limit my projects to only what I know but I want to learn.I have all kinds of components from resistors to caps to transistors. Sicerely Angelo  P.S. Sorry about the crude drawing, I used paint I could even use some advise on that in the future.


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7 years ago

Why do you need an indicator light to tell you a strip of lights are on?

The key is to wire the indicator LED in parallel with the strip. In parallel your using the same amount of voltage and drawing more current.