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I have a 16x32 dot-matrix board and need help with the Arduino code? Answered

I recently pulled this display off of a slot machine and I wanted to hook it up to my Arduino. It is a 16x32 red dot-matrix driven by three LC7932 16-bit LED drivers. I've found the pin-outs for the board but to my dismay I can't find any Arduino code that supports: (3)SIN (I think this is signal) CLOCK, LATCH, STROBE. I know a lot about electronics but not so much on the coding.

Also the board data sheet is in Taiwanese (go figure) so there's minimal English

any help is greatly appreciated :-)



7 years ago

That's "Thai" not "Taiwanese" !

They've made life difficult by not chaining these devices in series - find the Dout of the ist chip and link that to the second Sin2 etc.

Now you have a 96 bit wide register to address with SPI. Just use SPI.write commands.



Answer 7 years ago

Well I'm not a launguage majior.
But whats this "Dout of the ist chip and link that to the second Sin2" I know what the Sin2 is but you lost me else where. Also these are some crazy reversible 16-bit shift register things though.


Answer 7 years ago

alrighty then how do I do that? Because I've been looking at other shift registers and they are only 16 pins, this is a 30 pin and has 16 outputs not just 8

but the board it self has the main things like clock, latch, I don't know what strobe is or if its even used, but there are three signal lines one for each of the three chips this I beleave is because the out puts are multiplexed and they had the capability to use PWM.

Thanks for your help so far.