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I have a 24v dc motor with 2.6amps and 42rpm just wondering would it make a good motor for a wind turbine? Answered

Motor for wind turbine


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Best Answer 11 years ago

It just depends on what the motor is capable of delivering in the way of usable voltage and current per RPM? If the motor shaft will fit into a variable speed drill run it up and see what voltage you can achieve, remember more revs will produce more volts and you need to match the RPM to your proposed turbine design to check it's output. Put a load across the motor terminals during your tests as you don't want less voltage output than your cell combination. You need to measure the DC current and voltage, experiment with various loads either power resistors or automotive lamps across the motor terminals. Use ohms law to calculate power dissipation in watts if using power resistors for your load. If you find you can achieve a decent voltage/current output dependant on RPM you can go ahead and use your motor for your project. You will have to use a charge controller to regulate the correct charge voltage for your cells, plenty of info available on wind turbines, have fun. Regards