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I have a Galaxy bench grinder 6" on which the push- pull switch has failed Answered

assembley diagram for BGS8-076 PUSH OFF-PULL ON switch, can anyone help


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2 years ago

As a Followup for others: the "Jet BGS8-076" grinder switch that is used by the Galaxy, Buffalo, Duracraft and TestRite grinders is no longer available. The good news is that there is a replacement switch from another manufacturer: 3030-9001
pull switch for RDX grinders
from Wholesale Tool is a direct replacement. It has the same 4-screw contacts on the back and the same push-pull diamond pattern front plate. For those with a broken grinder- here are pictures of my buffalo with a broken switch. The pics show the wiring diagram and the wire connections for the 4 contacts.


2 years ago

I figured it out, the springs shown fit over the 2 nipples, 1 each site of the opaque plate in the box by them. The plunger part has a shaft on which is fixed a cross plate with corresponding nipples, I fitted 1 spring to 1 side, returned all parts to thier propper place and it wors just fine