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I have a agri fab and gas is poring out of muffler and carb floods? Answered

I have a briggs on my agri fab pull behind tiller I just replaced the rope and spring and now the carb floods and gas poor out of the muffler at a rate that it empty the gas tank fast I drained the gas that was in the carb and it came out black any Ideas?



3 years ago

Sounds like the needle is stuck open inside the carb. Could be something obstructing it from closing, a bad needle and seat, liquid in your float which no longer lets it float. If you or anyone you know has taken apart a carb before, it shouldn't be to difficult to pin point the problem

Josehf Murchison

3 years ago

The briggs what is the model number?

Sounds like you need a new carb or a rebuild on the carb.

Let me guess this is the first time you tried to start the engine this spring and you did not winterize it in the fall. Or the briggs has been sitting for some time.

Anytime a small engine is going to sit for a time you should put fuel conditioner in it and run it long enough to make sure the conditioner is in the carb.

Now this might work I've done it once.

If the gas line has a shutoff valve put carburetor cleaner in the gas and turn the shutoff valve on only enough so that enough gas will pass through to run the engine and run the engine until you can open the shutoff fully and the engine won't flood.