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I have a lama v4 helicopter and it does not fly straight. It always flys off to the side! Answered

Any ideas please help! And also the battery doest stay in the bracket in the bottom. I tried Velcro but it didnt work.


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9 years ago

Then adjustments need to be made to the servo that tilts the blades left and right. If the remote doesn't offer any way to adjust it then you will need go to the link that is between the servo and the blades.

From what i can tell in the picture there are 2 servos that control both axes of the blades. When they are both moved up or down the copter moves forward or backwards. If only one side is moved the blades tilt to the side allowing the copter to drift side to side. All you have to do is pop one of the struts off its ball joint and loosen on tighten it on the screw threads depending on which way the copter is drifting. Do it in half turn increments until the copter is flying straight. Which ever way its drifting work with that side and loosen the strut on the screw threads.

lima 4.jpg