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I have a large in home filtration system but lost the book on how to clean it properly can anyone give me some tips?? Answered

No one in my family thought to keep the manufacturers number nor the instructions we've had it for 3 years and its never been serviced if i can save money and do it myself id love it if you know how to please leave a comment


Jack A Lopez

21 days ago

Wow! I have never seen one quite like that before. It looks very black, and monolithic.

I am curious to know if you have looked under the sky blue cap on top of it.

I am kind of naively assuming there is a way to take the cap off. Also there might be some hieroglyphics, perhaps with the name of the manufacturer, underneath that cap.

Also the cap itself appears to have some sort of pictogram on it too. It is hard to make out from the angle the picture was taken, but the bas-relief pictogram on the cap looks vaguely like a smiley face, with water drop shapes for eyes, and a capital "I" turned sideways for a mouth.

Jack A LopezDarienS4

Reply 20 days ago

It is like a puzzle box.


"A puzzle box (also called a secret box or trick box) is a box that can
only be opened by solving a puzzle. Some require only a simple move and
others a series of discoveries."

The text, on the warning tag, includes instructions for how to proceed further.

I cannot read all of what it says, because the glare from the camera flash covered about half of it in noise.

I am kind of guessing you can read that part. My partial transcription is quoted below:


Warning ******* under pressure!
Turn off ***** supply.

****************until pressure is completely


*************ring by pulling handle inward
and upward then remove lid.

DarienS4Jack A Lopez

Reply 20 days ago

Nope nothing on the lid at all but it was installed on 09/14/2016 so yea lol


20 days ago

I don't think its turns but its apparently under pressure so i have to shut off the water but which one the one from right here or the one outside either way it'll shut off water to the whole house but then what without a model # or manual idk what needs to be done


20 days ago

There would be a filter cartridge within. With no sign of any clips, so the lid should just screw off. Have you tried that, turning it anti-clockwise?