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I have a pc with big problems. Can you please help? I have the information that you needed from the first time. Answered

I wrote in before on this but I didn't give enough information for you. I have everything I need I think...lol. I have two desktop PC's. First is a windows XP and as soon as I plug it in it powers up, but it won't do anything at all. It powers up and will not shut off and will not send anything to the monitor and I did hook it up to a different monitor and still nothing. The first time I wrote in they had an idea that it might be the video card. I cannot afford to get another card right now so I would like to know if a video card from an IBM or any other brand of PC would work in it? I am trying to get the data off of the harddrive as well but if I can't get the PC running would it be possible to take the harddrive out of the xp and put it in the 98 and get the info that way. The PC the I am using right now is a laptop and would it be possible to hook the HDD up to it with no disk to use and retrieve it that way? Can I use the PC without a video card, would it harm anything if I run it with nothing in it? The info of the two PC's (1) Windows XP Model # MF ATXSTL KTH 300SE Serial # 0026719817 DOB 4/8/02 (2) Windows 98 Model # MICRO ATX FMN ESSENTIAL 435C Serial # 0017666320 DOB 2/20/00 The 5 in the 435 I am not to sure about that because it is about half gone. I would also like to know if there are any books or free web sites out there that have the best top 10 or 20 tips of what to try on PC problems that you pro's would agree with thats not a scam for a novice. I have a lot of parts from many different IBM's, harddrives, CD/DVD drives,boxes full of CPU's, fans of all different sizes, RAMM's, Heat sinks and even other PC's and many many printer parts and so on and I would like to know if those parts are interchangabale with other brands of PC's. I am trying to get into making things out of nothing so I am trying to figure out what is interchangabale with what. I am sorry for all the questions but I am disabled and just trying to find something to do with my hands and mind since I am unable to work to try and stay sane. I thank everyone for any help you can help me with. If you have any questions please fell free to send me a note and I will answer any thing I can.



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11 years ago

Video card - Most cards will work if its the same interface.  (PCI to PCI / AGP to AGP etc...) If you are running WIN98, you may need the drivers for the new video card. For the HDD, just pull it out of the WINXP and set the jumper to Slave or Cable Select (CS) and connect to the spare slot in your WIN98 or purchase a cheap IDE/SATA to USB connector. Drivers may be needed for this too as it is WIN98.  EXAMPLE - www.youtube.com/watch?v=KkyOVV4B8eI

Not sure as I am no Tech, but the HDD Size may be a problem when going from XP to 98 if the drive is lager than a certian Gigabyte...

Hope this helped you any...