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I have a problem, with my xbox 360, it freezes and says that the disc cannot be read. It also makes a clicking sound. Answered

My Xbox 360 is having a problem that causes it to freeze up, (in a sense). I can hear, what sounds like the drive, make a clicking sound. Then after a number of clicks, a window pops up saying that it cannot read the disc, that it is dirty. The disc is clean. I also had the three ring problem, which I just recently fixed by fixing the x-clamp problem. Does anyone know what my problem could be?



11 years ago

Unfortunately, the vibration due to playing your games may have made your Xbox gauge a groove into the disc.

This is a known problem, which Microsoft are currently denying, despite controlled tests carried out by consumer organisations.

I believe the issue may be going to court in the US. You need to keep a record of what discs have been damaged, when, and how you have your Xbox set up.

Recent BBC consumer article on this exact problem.