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I have a project idea: LCD sunglasses. I'd need some really small screens, however. Can you buy 1"x2" LCD screens? Answered

I am going to attempt to build LCD sunglasses. I know how an LCD works, with an internal polarizer and the liquid crystal itself providing polarizing in a different direction. I am planning to use an LCD screen for a sunglass lens, but I'll need both small and oddly shaped LCDs. Is it possible to cut LCDs down to size or shape? If worst comes to worst, I will just have square lenses, but the thing which would fit best would be 1"x2". Can you buy these?


Go Flashes

9 years ago

If you cut an LCD it will lose the vacuum necessary for the system to work and probably destroy the TFT electrodes that drive the displays.  You can buy many LCD's but not many that aren't already back lit. 

What would you want to do with this device?


10 years ago

Yes. Did you do a Google search? Using vendors/suppliers show up first, especially if you include "buy" in your search. If you haven't done a Google search, do that and then come back and let us know what you find.