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I have a question about how voting and judging work in a contest. Answered

I noticed that it's not always the instructable with the most votes that wins. And after voting ends the judging begins, who does the judging and what do they take into consideration?



Best Answer 10 years ago

The finalists in a contest are chosen by a combination of the votes received by members on X number of Instructables and the Instructables Team. Though, sometimes certain members are invited to join in the voting. For example, in the Gorilla Glue Contest, 10 finalists were chosen by the number of votes and 10 were chosen by the Team. The Instructables team looks for great write-ups on the Instructables step-by-step, the effort put into making the Instructable, and the quality of the pictures. It should look nice and professional. P.S: Just look at some of Kiteman's Instructables, and you'll get the idea XD


10 years ago

The judges are usually a combination of Instructables staff, sponsor staff and (sometimes) invited regular contributors.


Answer 10 years ago

Say there's 100 entries, voting determines the top 10...or whatever. There can be other methods to determine the finalists. The WINNERS are determined by judges to prevent people from cheating and bot-voting the contests. Another reason to not use just voting is it can be unfair based on human nature and 'popularity contest' effect.