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I have a rope light on an exterior staircase.w a 120 VAC timer. Lights stay on all night. Need motion & lite sensor. Answered

The lights need only come on at night and when motion is detected. Sensors need to be at the top & bottom of staircase. They need to stay on for as long as it takes a Senior Citizen to climb 15 stairs.



Best Answer 9 years ago

If you understand simple electrics this is easy. Either Home Depot or Lowes have cheap two-socket motion detector lights for night-time yard lighting. Last one I bought was $12.95. Put a plug on the input wires and screw in a receptacle insert ( also at Home and Lowes) for the rope light plug into one of the bulb sockets. This also allows some adjustment of the light duration for 5, 10 and 20 min. Not pretty but it does work. I use this for outside entry stairs. Also, you can get motion detector porch lights which don't look too bad. You can then mount the light in place of the hall light...last one I go from Lowes was 29.95.