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I have a small generator (about 100v and not much A), i want to know how to decrease my voltage and increase my current? Answered



10 years ago

If your generator is putting out AC, you should simply need to run it through a transformer. In accordance with Ohm's law I=V/R, as you step down the voltage you will increase the potential current assuming resistance stays constant.

If your generator is DC, you would have to put an inverter in to go from DC to AC, then step your voltage up or down (see above), then subsequently run the power back through a rectifier to go to DC again. You'll lose quite a bit of power through the conversion process. If you're trying to squeeze the last electrons of power out of a small generator, this would probably not a fruitful line of inquiry.

Good luck!


Answer 10 years ago

you use power law (W=IV), but I guess ohms law kinda works too.