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I have a touchscreen module from a Lenovo AIO PC, can anyone help identify the pin-outs? Answered

Recently I salvaged a 23" touchscreen display from a faulty Lenovo ThinkCentre M90z AIO PC. The PC has a faulty mainboard, but the touchscreen display is in perfect working order. I'm trying to use the touchscreen display for another purpose, but I am having trouble identifying the touch module and its pin-outs.

For your information, the display is a Samsung LTM230HT03

The touch module is made by HannStar, it has the following markings on the back of the board:
HannStar J  MV-4
94V-0  1 01 4


On the front of the board is a PXI chip with the following markings:

As well as a smaller chip, which is marked as a MX-70G

I've attached photos of both sides of the module as well as the label on the Samsung display.

There are 4 connectors on the module, CON1 connects to the mainboard, CON2 and CON3 connects to the display, CON4 was not in use.

CON1 has the following wire colours in order from pin 1 to 5: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Black.

I will greatly appreciate any help or suggestions that anyone can give.



2 years ago

Touch module is used by Sony as well under the same module name.


Sony parts sellers calls it "Sony Vaio Vpcj1 All in One PC Touch Panel Board".
Datasheets might be available if you send a nice Email to the Sony support ;)
HannStar is just the comapny that did the SMT job.
It seems Mouser created a very similar board with a slightly different layout.
Maybe the info there will help you to check if they are identical enough.



Answer 2 years ago

Thanks for your reply, getting specific information on this board seems to be a lot harder than it should be! What I'm really trying to find out is whether it uses USB, Serial or a BUS interface.

I decided to focus my efforts on repairing the Lenovo PC so I could retrieve the hardware ID's for the module via the O/S, thankfully it paid off.

The module has the following hardware ID's:
Vendor 0408 PID 3001. A little more research revealed that this is a Dual Touch Optical Logic module made by Quanta Computer, apparently it uses a USB interface.

To be doubly sure I've sent out a couple of polite e-mails asking for datasheets, if I hear nothing by the weekend I'll experiment with the pin-outs and see what happens.


Answer 2 years ago

Keep in mind that it often only the driver giving you the hardware ID ;)
From what I could see the RS module is just a different reference design and if the USB pinout can't be compared to the pinout on yours you can still check inside the computer.
Often these things have long ribbon cables and on the motherboard something to at least tell you where the 5v and ground is.
The data lines should cause no harm if connected the other way around, it just won't work until reversed.
Of course you could always try to find the service manual for the motherboard to find out what is what on the connectors.