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I have a used laptop that has Bitlocker enabled. how can I disable it so I can install a new operating system? Answered

the Bitlocker software prohibits me from entering the computer through the BIOS. I need to format the hard disk, disable Bitlocker and intall Windows 7 on to the hard disk. How can I disable Bitlocker and still be able to format the drive? I am not in any way interested in the files on the Hard Disc, I just simply need a computer upgrade from a slow desktop to a fast laptop.



7 years ago

I just did a fast scan of Microsofts description of bitlocker and what it says it does is encrypt the hard drive. I saw no mention of the BIOS though. The easiest thing to do, at least it would be for me, is to remove the hard drive, use a USB external connector and using a second computer, delete the partitions and leave the drive bare. Don't just format it, delete everything and the partitions. Then replace the drive into the notebook and install windows. The setup routine will format the drive the way it is supposed to be. Now, if the BIOS are password protected, that has nothing to do with the OS or the hard drive. That is a completely separate issue and you may have to reset them. To do that you might have to go to the Manufacturers web site and find out how since its different depending on the board.


Answer 7 years ago

I Think the previous owner used both bitlocker and bios password. The reason I think this is that I can access the bios but I need a password to change any bitlocker settings