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I have a very big problem with my new rock band 2 drum set. if anyone out there can help I will be very thankfull. Answered

so I bought a rock band 2 drum set about 3 months ago and I have no warranty. Well about 2 months ago I had fixed them so I could have 2 bass pedals and it worked fine until about 5 days ago when they just stopped working and now even after new batteries they still will not turn on. I was wondering if it were possible to connect a usb cable to them,(it may be because I discovered a small port it the battery compartment with 4 holes just like a usb cable{it may possibally be there for display use in the stores}) if anyone knows how I can connect a usb cable to this port could you please show me how? Thank you for anyone who helps me.



7 years ago

i had the same problem and i figured out if i hang the connector from the sticvk holders it work compleetly fine


8 years ago

 can you post a pic of the supposed usb port? please


9 years ago

Hmm rock band drums cant have double bass so that would mean you've build/bought something that would allow you to use two pedals right? Is this broken or can you still use the two pedals individually?

Well, I'll assume the problem is with one of your pedals... All the rock band 1-2 bass pedals really consists of is a 1/8" mono phone plug and some kind of magnetic read switch that completes the circuit when the pedal is pressed down. So I'd start by looking at both bass pedals to make sure non of the connections are severed and even try holding a magnet up to the base of the pedal with each plugged in one at a time and see if it registers a hit. If you dont see anything wrong I'm not sure what else to tell you but to either buy a new RB pedal or buy youself a REAL bass pedal, a relay, a super magnet and a 1/8" mono phone plug and build your own :)

You may want to look here for all your RB modding needs:

And this is the custom pedal that I was referring to above:

Hope this helps!