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I have an 70's style turntable/radio console.? Answered

I have a Magnavox 591558.  The issue is that the audio from the turntable is diminished out the left speakers.

The FM tuner works and sounds great, however when using the turntable, left audio is very muffled. 

As a troubleshooting step, I hooked up a Stanton STR8-100 turntable, with pre-amp, as a replacement to the built in turntable, and get the same results.  Good audio out the right channel, but muffled out the left.  So I know the issue has to be somewhere on the circuit board, as the Radio is fine through both channels. I do not see any blown capacitors, or any sign of damage on the circuit boards.  I'm hoping someone here can point me in the right direction.




11 months ago

How do you change the needle for a Magnavox 591558-1 and where can I order the needle? Thank for any help


Reply 11 months ago

Here is the tag on the back sound is awesome like new just need a needle


2 years ago

I also have vintage audio equipment. Sometimes I have the same problems with weak sound on one channel. Repeated changing of the input selection switch (radio, turntable, Aux.) may improve weak contact paths and return to full stereo sound. If this works, then electrical contact cleaner (as suggested by rickharris) should improve long term results.


2 years ago

Thanks for the replies!

@iceng, I am not considering the needle because I swapped out the entire turntable with a new one.

@rickharris, how would I identify the change over switch? I'll check the wireing harness for the radio and see if it can be swapped with the one for the turntable.


Answer 2 years ago

I assume the unit has a switch on the front that says Hifi/Radio /AUX or something similiar? Often a rotary switch in the 70's. You can buy aerosol switch cleaner.


2 years ago

He he. I remember fixing the muffled sound from one side of someone's radio like yours.....by removing the cotton wool some child had industriously stuffed into the speaker cabinet.


2 years ago

I might go for a dirty or faulty change over switch.

Essentially your radio is telling you the amp is fine.

Your turntable swap says it isn't the turn table _ I assume you swapped the tone arm as well.

This leaves the wireing harness for the turntable + the plugs and the change over switch.

IF the plugs are the same you could try swapping theharness for the radio with the turntable.


2 years ago

You don/t seem to be considering the needle... How are you sure the needle is not the not the cause ?..