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I have an aluminum channel I need to stiffen. I'd like to do this with epoxy/flox, foam and fiberglass. Answered

The channel is long enough to twistAfter slathering the mixture around the foam in the channel Do I wait for the epoxy/flox mixture to dry before applying the fiberglass strips? Will the epoxy bond to the aluminum without specific surface prep? Thanks in advance



8 years ago

I presume switching to steel channel, or thicker aluminum, or solid rather than channel, aren't options...?


10 years ago

it couldn't hurt to rough up the surface of the aluminium to aide in adhesion. Most epoxies should stick to aluminium. Polyurethane foam - read the instructions to see if it needs to out-gas to harden, or if its chemically hardened with a catalyst. If it comes from a can it probably needs SOME contact with air to harden/cure. What are you stiffening? Join instructables and post whatever you build!