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I have an old TMobile Sidekick (PV210) that I would like to repurpose. Any ideas or projects already out there? Answered

I have an old TMobile Sidekick (PV210) that I would like to repurpose because it seems to me like a shame to throw out. I've googled to see if its rootable so I can at least flash the firmware to something useful but nah that was a dead end. I'm going to dismantle it as soon as my basement workbench is clean again to see if i'm inspired. I'm relatively new to this site but what I've seen is amazing some of you guys must have some good ideas.




7 years ago

This is a fully functional phone. I would like to maintain the functionality of a smartphone/computer if I could. But it will be getting disassembled soon.

Is a mini dos/Linux machine possible? I imagine a small computer. I'll put actual time into figuring something out when I have some real time to disassemble and note the hardware i have to work with.


7 years ago

If it isn't working then you are probably limited to taking it apart for parts or using it in some kind of prop build. For disassembly there are a couple instructables in the column on the right. For props you can either use it as a centre piece in a prop or as a detail in a larger piece.

You can build a housing around it (the sliding screen would make for a good prop). Maybe some kind of Pipboy wrist mount for a sci-fi or steampunk costume.


7 years ago

You could give it a huge lift kit and make it like a monster truck. Check out the car-like-truck episode of Top Gear. Post an instructible of it too!!