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I have certain power adapters used for printers and cellphone charging. Can i use them for creating LED lighting? Answered

The available adapters are 240vac to : (i) 5V/1000mA DC, (ii) 9V/1A DC, (iii) 15V/1A DC, (iv) 3.7V/350mA DC, (v) 3.11V/850mA DC, 5V/700mADC,
Please give me the details of circuits, how many while LEDs can be used and specigfications of resistors to be used, if any. Thank you.


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11 years ago

yes, you can use them all for powering LEDs. Please see mfg datasheets for info on what they can and can't power. Circuits are freely available here by typing "LED circuit" into the search engine, as well as on the net at large by using the same search