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I have multiple questions on interfacing the arduino with a computer. (refer to details) Answered

First of all I don't have hardly any experience with arduino, only with nxt.  Also I am trying to make a telepresence robot.  I have it figured out so that I can use Skype to video conference.  Then using yuuguu I can control the computer on the teleprescence robot.  The only thing that I need to do now is make a platform that will move around, with the arduino, that can take commands from the computer.  Kind of like a remote on the computer.  So that way I can use a laptop and control the robot by controlling the computer on the robot.  (sorry if that doesn't make sense, basically i just need a platform that takes commands from the computer it is connected to) Which leads me to my first question...

1) Can the Arduino be controlled by a computer?
2) If so, then what should I use to give it the commands easiest?
3) Which arduino should I use (it doesn't need to be versatile, just work consistently for this)
4) How do I program it/what commands do I use.(I have the arduino programming software downloaded, but don't know how to use it yet...)
5) How would I control motors/servos with the arduino

I know it is a lot of questions, but please help.

Thanks in advance!


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Best Answer 11 years ago

1) yes
2) The arduino will take commands via serial connection. the easiest way is to use the terminal built in to the arduino ide. otherwise, as long as you can send textual data over a serial port, any language can be used to make an application.
3)I would use the arduino duemilanove, or arduino mega.
4)You code it in the arduino software you downloaded. the code is written in a subset of c.
5) connect the servos or speed controllers into the pwm pins on the board. code with the servo library.


9 years ago

Now you should try for arduino the uno or the new mega they have double the stock memory for bigger sketches