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I have quit energy drinks, cold turkey. Now I sleep a lot more.... Answered

My goal was to save money, and lose weight. It's working on both fronts, but now, other aspects of my life are being effected. I find myself constantly tired, focus is slipping easily, and I'm much more irritable than before, which is quite a feat I was hoping it was just a chemical dependency, but I'm almost 2 weeks without now. Safe to say, I'm viewing this as an addiction. I get in light exercise all through the day, I eat healthy and light (and often), but still feel fatigued... Any non caffeinated suggestions on how to boost energy?



3 years ago

vitamin b, make sure your vitamin d is good.
sleep, light excercise.
doing the same, lost a ton of weight. still like the odd very small drink when i actually need energy. but no longer a daily 2 drink calorie caffeine and even inositol in some (read what that crap does and is used for ... high levels of testosterone treatment?) ya really.. the more I realize, the more they should be illegal. But liquid sugar and caffeine + other crap in those drinks are pure poison. Unless you like 1000 extra liquid calories a day, drink water, give your adrenal gland and testosterone a break and get some natural simple vitamins and eat more veg than meat. Too much meat is also not great for you. I don't excercise enough, but everything else is working out in the right direction.


8 years ago

I have been searching for someone that has made it through all of the withdrawal symptoms to get a good idea of how much longer I need to persevere. Three months does sound about right. I was drinking 2-3 energy drinks a day for at least two years. I have been off of energy drinks for just over a month now and I still feel so fatigued and drained of energy. And the headaches are still there, but not as bad. I feel so much better than I did 2 weeks into it though; I found it really difficult to get out of bed and go to work even after 9 hrs of sleep. So everyone, your unexpected long-lasting withdrawal symptoms are normal and we all have to go through them. It does get better but just takes some time.
I learned that as a result of drinking so much caffeine and the other things in energy drinks we have really stunted or temporarily damaged our adrenalin glands. That is why we don't have energy and once our adrenalin glands heal and stabilize our natural energy is back! I went to my local health store and talked to a professional about what I could take to help me. I was told to take the following to aid my adrenalin and also increase my focus: Pantothenic acid and this mix I bought from Gaia herbs called Adrenal health (it includes Rhiodiola root, holy basil leaf, ashwangandha root, and schisandra berry). I bought an all-natural energy supplement to help me until the withdrawals start to alleviate - you can buy it online or at your local store. I bought Pure Hawaiian spirulina pacifica which boost energy and the immune system.
Boosting your immune system really helps as well. I have been taking echinacea, golden root seal, vitamin C pills, and this extremely powerful liquid nutrient combo called Sea Energy Power Max (Can buy at www.superiornutritionandhealth.com). I have also been eating sooooo health as well as drinking a lot of water and powerade zeros. I have been drinking green tea, which has a little bit of caffeine, every now and then when I get really irritable and sluggish at work (twice a week max....I cannot afford to back peddle).
I take a lot of nutrients and supplements to help me in this endeavor and they really do help a lot. I am starting to feel my natural energy shining through. Since day one I have had to work 40 hrs a week at a job where I can not afford to be lazy. In fact I have to really be on top of my game. Despite this setback I have managed to get a promotion. The supplements, positive thinking, good music, plenty of water, the serenity prayer, gentle exercising even when its the last thing you want to do, and talking to others online with the same struggles really help. I also felt a lot better once I knew exactly what I was dealing with and about how long I can expect it. Stay strong and stay away from that stuff. It can only get better....at least after like week 2 or 3. It really can be an underlining cause behind your death if you keep abusing it for years and years. Best of luck everyone!!!!!!!!


9 years ago

try yerba mate it has no calories and is alot less harsh on your system you dont have a bad crash, it has caffine but also theobromine so its less of a cerebral buzz and more a body buzz...

ps what energy drinks were around then was it just jolt cola or was redbull around too


10 years ago

it depends on how old you are. Most old people start to get sleepier, and more irritatible. I also know that depending on how long you have been drinking them, your body gets more and more accoustomed to them. Sincce you just stopped, your body really doesn't know why you stopped, and it is craving more. It is like an addiction to nocitine(bad stuff in cigars & ciggerettes), only you are addicted to something else. In simple terms, you are just addicted to it. Try getting more slep, and eating weightwatchers or other diet meals, and try getting some exercise in your schedule. H


Answer 10 years ago

Let's see, I'm 25, and Ive been drinking them since 1998. I would definately agree my body doesn't know why (I barely know why...). With cigarettes, the physical addition is slim, it's mostly mental. I do wonder if this is the same.