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I have some questions about building a solar charger for my electronic devices. Please help! Answered

I want to make a universal solar charger for my electronics (like phones, ipods, gaming devices). I have a tiny tiny bit of basic knowledge about circuits (did not pay attention in physics...), so I really need your help. I have a few questions here.

Most solar chargers I see from the Instructables connects to a battery first. Is is possible to connect it directly to the electronic?

Is it possible to make a solar charger that can allow a device to charge like it charges to the wall. I mean adding a socket to the solar charger. So instead of the charger plugging into the device, the device is connected with its usual charger wire (with a plug) and then plugs into the solar charger socket. Just like how you would normally plug it to the wall. Please tell me if there is something like this.

Is the solar power strong enough to charge the devices? If not, is there an easier way to step up the power? If you can, please provide a diagram/picture/link.

Thank you so much for your help =)



10 years ago

Whether or not there is enough power to charge your devices depends on the panel and the amount of sunlight that hits your area. It would be very simple. You could cut an extension cord and leave the inverter in your attic (make sure it's ventilated properly) and run the cut endo to an outlet in your wall. Make sure the outlet is seperate from the main ones in your house. I would label it, but that's up to you. You can use a simple automobile inverter. A set of deep cycle batteries would provide power at night and the panels would re-charge them during the day. You would definitely need a solar charge controller. The panels themselves are expensive. Very expensive! But, at least in my area, little devices like phones, ipods, laptops, etc. use around 5% of the energy used in my home (or around 15 dollars!). Check out these projects:


They are pretty simple. For more on your question, view this:


I hope this helps you out!


Answer 10 years ago

For panels, just search amazon or ebay.