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I have some random parts(motors, buttons etc(full list inside) and don't know what to make Answered

Ok this is what I have, I am quite new to making stuff, some of it I got out of a portable cd player(which i just happened to get to stop working while messing with it lol)

- Button where it keeps signal going as long as it is held down
- Motor that has thing on top that spins(you know the thing that spins the cd)
- A motor with a gear coming out the side
- more gears and a gear on a shaft that is like a screw
- batteries, AA, 2 different remote control rechargable batteries that claim to me NiCd battery Packs
- spinny wheel that used to change volume on CD player
- Headphone slot (kinda think will be useless w/o circut board)
- 2 buttons that can slide sideways, and turn stuff on/off
- 4 buttons that you can push and do action once
- Tape
- bunch of other household stuff

If anyone thinks of any other household items i can take apart(that my parents won't care) and maybe have good stuff/LED's(I NEED LED's lol) that would help me, I also need to think of something to make, thanks (:



9 years ago