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I have tried everything and it still says my disk is write protected what do i do? Should i just throw my card away? ugh Answered

I've been to so many websites and they all say to do the same thing..I've moved the lock button, I've put tape on it nothing is working! Please tell me what i can do to get this stupid write protection off of my 8gb micro sd card....i will greatly appreciate it.



8 years ago

What happens if you try another card? (First step in problem determination is to make sure you know which piece of hardware the problem is associated with.)


Answer 8 years ago

BTW, if you ever disconnected the card while the machine was trying to write to it, you may have left it in an inconsistent state, which can render it unusable. If so, try reformatting it; that _may_ work (but usually doesn't).

(I killed a CF card that way once, by pulling power from my camera while a file save was in progress. Oops. Luckily, memory's a lot cheaper now than it was then.)