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I just bought a blitz phone from wal-mart and my bro lost it! how will i find it!! with a tracker or somthing? plz help! Answered

Its a Verizon Wireless Samsung Blitz phone and i just bought it with my b-day money!! i am ripping p'ed off right now kuz my brother lost it-IT WAZ $100!! i almost never get that much $$$$!! Please some one help me! can i track it with a tracking device or somthing? pleeeaase some one help me!!




8 years ago

if your bro lost it he should pay 4 a new 1.


10 years ago

There's no way to track it without first having access to the phone and, with that model, probably not even then. If it's activated, calling it will ring the phone. If you're lucky it'll be somewhere you can hear it or some nice stranger will answer. If it hasn't been activated yet, the best you can do is go looking for it. Have your brother retrace his steps. If it's not found, he should do the right thing and replace it.


10 years ago

I don't know about a tracking device, but I would try calling the number and if someone answers tell them that you lost your phone and would please like it back... Maybe offer a small reward? Also, did you lose it at Walmart? I forgot some shopping bags there at Christmas and some kind soul turned them into Customer Service... All I had to do was describe the contents and they gave them back to me. I wish you the best of luck finding your phone.