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I just had new wood frame windows installed and they are unfinished. How/with what would you recomment that I do this? Answered

The manufacturer says you can optionally stain or paint the wood and then seal with a polyuerethane (sp?). I was thinking about just sealing the wood because the oak color works but is there a reason not to just seal them? How many coats of everything would be needed? BTW, I live in Minneapolis with weather/humidity is a factor. Also, it is just the inside that needs finishing. Thanks. Jay


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Capt. Howdy
Capt. Howdy

11 years ago

here's what i did. one coat of brush on polyuerethane,let dry. you will notice the wood grain will raise,feel rough.Buff with 0000 steel wool, it will feel smooth but will have a flat finish.Buff with cheese cloth to remove dust etc. Apply another coat of brush on poly.Repeat these steps for three or four coats or untill its as glossy and smooth as you like. P.S. My oak wood darkened slightly but that will happen when you apply poly on bare oak. Hope this helps.