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I just need some really cool ideas to use with my solar powered outdoor garden lamps. Answered

I'm trying to make use of my solar powered garden lanters, you know, those ones you stick in the ground. The solar panels as far as I know still work, and have the batteries to go with. I'm pretty sure its just the buld that needs replacing. But honestly I dont use them anymore and I'm trying to find a better use for them but have come up with blanks.




10 years ago

My wife ran over one with the lawn mower. It just ruined the stem and plastic bulb. Like you, I wondered if I could do anything with the scraps. They still worked. I bought a fuel oil camp light for $5. It is made very cheaply, and was easy to dissemble. With a little tinsmith, I placed the battery's in the fuel tank, placed the round solar cell on the top ( fit perfectly ), light sensor in hole where exhaust fumes were to go. Circuit board and light fit where the wick came out of fuel tank. You have to do some sodering to lenghten the wires. Good luck to Ya'


10 years ago

I have a collection of these too. They last only a short time. It is the batteries.
I wouldn't buy them again.

You can remove all the 'innards' and just keep the bowl and stem. Then put a tea-light candle in them, when you are entertaining in the garden. As you know, they can be embedded anywhere you like.

It's a work in progress,-I'm still looking for other ideas. The darn things are a dime a dozen!


10 years ago

My first thought would be to make sun jars and give them as Christmas gifts.