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I know the subject of backpacking as a sub-topic has been broached, however... Answered

I don't, 'camp.' I backpack.

There's a clearly distinguishing difference between what most people call camping and what I do. What many do. Most people who camp don't bother to build stuff from cans and twigs and bottle caps to shave grams. Most people who camp don't seek out a murky pond as a possible water source. Most people don't have to dig a cat hole. Most people don't have to hump in gear.

For those of us that do, we tend to have a knack for ingenuity, craft, innovation; and style, if it happens.

Backpacking is a philosophy -- the study of the art and science of living as comfortably as possible, with as little as is reasonable and as often as possible, in a place that wants to kill you.

Camping is a vacation.

I recently posted an instructable for an ultralight backpacking kitchen. I posted it for the sake of people who do what I do, not someone who sleeps in an Eddie Bauer sleeping bag on a Coleman double-wide air mattress. Not that there's anything wrong with that... It just ain't my bag of pool balls.

It should follow that 'backpacking' be a sub-category of 'camping.'


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