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I m currently doing my final year project in ME, i wanna ask abt what project can i do about centrifugal pump? Answered

I m wondering what can i do about centrifugal pump, either its improving its design or doing experiment about it or do some research study about it ?  I seriously have no idea what can i do about it. but I just popped up with this topic in my mind, n I wanna do something about it. But i not sure what exact aim or purpose shud my project be, I need help in this..  Can anyone provide me with some guidance & suggestions ?  Ideas........ needed !  Thankx so so much if anyone is willing to help & able to help me ! Its very urgent actually. I need to submit my proposal n final year report in a short time. I wish i can finish it on time.  =)


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8 years ago

I think centrifugal pumps are quite well studied but I've got an idea for a centrifuge if that is close enough for you.

One of the big problems with algae technologies is separating the algae from water. One of the main methods is by using centrifuges. It might be of interest to optimise or model centrifuges for this specific purpose to reduce power demands of the process.