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I need HELP figuring out what this part is called. Answered

I bought a Halloween tree from home depot, they said I can't return it. The arms are supposed to move, they don't and I can see whats wrong with it and it is an easy fix. However, I have no clue what the part is called.
Heres the tree:
The arms are connected to a screw and a plastic piece and that same plastic piece has a hole on the other end that connects to a shaft or cam and wheel on the motor then it moves. I need that plastic piece, I hope someone somewhere knows what its called and hopefully where it is. 


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Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

3 years ago

Well, it is hard to guess, but the instructions,


found in a link on the page you link to, mention something called "connecting rods". Specifically, in Step 3,

Step 3. Insert the the connecting rods on each Arm/Hand ( C.D ) into the Upper Section of Tree (A).(FIG.3)

I am guessing that there is one for each arm, and I am impressed that you've managed to loose both of them.

Or do you have one, but not the other?

You keep referring to it using singular language.

I need that plastic piece, I hope someone somewhere knows what its called and hopefully where it is.

Regarding the question of "where it is", I think the place to check first is in the pile of discarded packaging that came with this artifact. If the missing part is small, maybe it fell in with that trash.

Or maybe it is in between the couch cushions?

If you have this part on one side, but not the other, I would suggest trying to sort of make a crude copy of that part, for the other side, using whatever materials you have available, like steel coat hanger wire, or wood popsicle sticks, or whatever.

Actually, even if this part is missing on both sides, and we do not know exactly what it is supposed to look like, maybe you could fill in that part with your imagination. I mean I think there are just a few parameters, like: How long is it? How big are the holes (connectors) on each end?

By the way, I could not help noticing that Wikipedia has an article titled "Connecting rod",


and of course that is some very general information, but who knows? Maybe that could serve as some inspiration for you.


Reply 3 years ago

CONNECTING ROD!!! Yes, that's it, now to find it/something close to it. THANKYOU SOOOOO MUCH!!! :)

Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

Reply 3 years ago

Wow! I am glad I could help you somewhat, in your efforts to find, CONNECTING ROD!

Also, there is something about this topic that reminds me of an old episode of The Simpsons. Perhaps Frinkiac.com can help me find it. It was another example of a thing named, ROD, saving the day. I think they even gave ROD an award. Ah, yes! Here it is:

"Deep Space Homer" Season 5 / Episode 15 (1:49)