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I need LED help..... Answered

I want to make an LED project that fakes an Audio Level Meter that looks like this:

Most like 3 red LEDs first, then 3 Yellow LEDs, then 3 Green LEDs. Ideally it would be battery powered. It doesn't need to have two rows, one would suffice. But they'd have to glows in a line at random lengths to mimic actual sound level monitoring (bar mode, not dot).

Also I'd like to use the small square type of LEDs used in the Microdot wrist watch instructable, unless those are harder to work with. What are those called?

If it's easier to make an actual sound meter with a condensor mic or something, directions for that would also be appreciated. I found this but it seems complicated as I haven't done elctronics since high school.

Any help would be much appreciated!


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13 years ago

You can buy kits that do this; generally for connection to speaker outputs. It should be easy to put whatever LEDs you want in most of the kits. Do a google search for "VU meter kit"; here's one: Stereo VU meter kit
There are others that don't even need a power supply.
It's probably easier to build a real circuit than one that operates randomly. There's a "standard" integrated circuit that does all of the work once you feed it an appropriate input signal.