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I need a 50volt 30amp 12v coil relay? can i use a 120volt ac and just put dc through the contact? Answered

Hi all, sorry if this is already a dead subject but I was unable to find my answer in any other Post. I am making a controller for a slot car track. I will be switching individual tracks on and off. The problem is the track voltage and amperage. I have looked everywhere to find a relay that can handle 50 Vdc and 30 A. The coil I need to be 12 Vdc at the lowest amperage possible. Can I use a 120V ac relay and put  50v DC across the contact with no problem? Again the coil would be 12v dc so no problem there. Any  and all help is much appreciated.


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4 years ago

Most contacts are rated in AC and DC, the DC rating significantly lower than the AC rating. So the answer is "it depends". At high currents like that relays are called "contactors", so that will improve your search