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I need a compressor that can blow up balloons VERY FAST what compressor is best to do this? Answered

I tie balloon for kids for free. I believe kids need a break and so I have a saying; put down a beer to spread some cheer. I tie all my balloons now for Free using all my money I use to spend on booze.
Can someone help me find a compressor that has a VERY high CONSTANT output to blow up hundreds and hundreds of balloons>

I did have a King Canada compressor 4 gallon model.
I can blow faster than it can, almost. But not efficient.

Would any one care to take a stab at helping me?

The season is gettnig busy and I have many kids to tie for.
A HUGE FOLK Festival FULL Of hundreds of kids and tons of balloon displays to blow up round balloons to do a dazzling display is coming fast.

Plus the Ride to Conquer Cancer is coming up and many World Championship races that I announce at. There are many cycling Championships I attend and people that count on me to do some dazzling displays for kids.

I also go to skate board parks to tie balloons too!
FREE for the rest of my life to help kids be happy and teach them to choose smart.

I hope someone knows or can steer me right.

Crazy Larry



5 years ago

I know this question is several years old, but if anyone else is looking to do this we recently rented a really big compressed air tank called a GOYAN. We got this from an fx shop in Toronto and we used it to 'instantly' inflate a raft for a prank show. It was just a matter of using a large diameter tube (we used a 2" tube) and an electric solenoid release valve. And testing the volume of air required in the tank to make it inflate without exploding!


here's a pic of the tank and valve


9 years ago

Your compressor might or might not be powerful enough. However I think you might benefit from a large air tank. In many larger workshops, with intermittent use of air, the air tank provides plenty when needed, while being able to recharge in between.
Before filling up balloons it can be charged. In between fillings, the compressor will run to keep up the charge.


9 years ago

Do you really have to use a compressor? Could you use a bicycle pump instead? If you don't have a pump you can craft one. Just do a sight search for PVC hand pumps. With a large enough main cylinder you should be able to pump one time for each balloon. Or check around and see if you can find a hand pump or foot pump for an air mattress or pool toys. But it seems odd that a compressor with the right nozzle and regulator valve setting should do the work pretty quick. Do you have a hose leak or some other possible place for air to escape?