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I need a good instructable in the use of Winrar to open a ziped folder fo Eagle. Any help available. kbyrne? Answered

I have the Eagle program. At the cadsoft web site are library parts to download but they are ziped
ang winrar is supposed to be used wit this but I am new to computers and have winrar but need a good instructable fo this. I also need a istructable in adding a part from scratch. I have the
instructable to add one from a tech sheet. The parts I want to load would be audio integrated
amplifiers. thanks kbyrne6925@gmail.com


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10 years ago

Get rid of Eagle and get TinyCad instead. TinyCad Mo Bettah ! TinyCad has Libraries. TinyCad has Spice. TinyCad allows importing and exporting to and from a PCB program designed for TinyCad........

Google TinyCad