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I need a good paintball gun Answered

Can someone here recommend to me the best paintball gun under 200 -250$ semi-auto or full auto if there are any full autos available for that much? I want one that I can put pretty much any barrel/parts on to upgrade and is easy to field clean and has very few to no breaks...


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1 year ago

I’m a fan of my Planet Eclipse Etha, serves me well and I still use it. The Etha 2 might also be worth checking out. Invert Mini GS or a used newer axe are also tried and true. Azodin also makes very reliable markers that you can find cheaply. The kaos and kaos pump both are reliable and affordable. There’s no “best paintball marker” it really comes down to what suits your needs best. You get what you pay for.

(P.S, it’s a marker not a gun).