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I need a non-toxic, preferably natural adhesive that is water soluble to stick something onto the skin Answered

Hi all, 
I really need your help. My son has a dress up party and is determined to stick this prop to his body. It is not heavy but I need an adhesive to stick it to him that ideally would be water soluble and not irritate his skin. 
Is there anything anyone can think of?

Thank you so much



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4 years ago

IMHO Gum arabic is the best option here.
Available both in liquid and powder form.
If used directly on sking it is best to prepare a water based mix of the gum arabic powder and to coat the object in question.
Doing this in several thin layeres, allowing to dry fully between coats gives best result.
3- 4 coats should be more than sufficient.
If the object is flexible and allows for moisture to evaporate all you need to do is to wet the skin and place the object in place, allow to dry and you are good to go.
If you need to speed things up you can dilute the mix with methylated spirits or ethanol.
Gum arabic is food safe and in most cases will not cause any allergic reactions although I do recommend testing it on a small an sensitive skin area like the inside of the upper arm.
You can also use it on cotton stirps or similar "wound coverages" to make them stick to the skin and then use normal adhesives to glue whatever you need onto it.

Latex is another option but some people show allergic reactions to it, plus it can be hard to remove from the skin, where gum arabic just need some warm water.


4 years ago


stage make up - try amazon, a local fancy dress shop.