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I need a way to hold cedar logs to cut into boards with electric chain saw!? Answered

I am making a bow and arrow rack I saw in a magazine. They want $50.00 dollars for it, plus shipping. So being frugal, I have plenty of dead cedar logs around for projects, I will make my own. I just can't seem to come up with a way to hold the logs (28" L x about 10: D) . Anyone got any suggestions ?



Best Answer 6 years ago

You would b better off cutting them on a band saw or taking to a local wood yard who will cut them for you (for a small Fee)

The chain saw is a dangerous way to cut with the grain and very wasteful in material.

Cedar will split very easily along the grain and will produce very thin boards - this is how they make Cedar Shingles.


Answer 6 years ago

Thanks. I did just that. Got my big hammer and splitting wedges out! Before looking here! I got four nicely split sections from one small log. Now they fit onto my table saw for cleaning up. I love the look and smell of the Cedar. I am making a cool Bow and arrow rack. Costing almost nothing except my time which is priceless. Thank you again!


6 years ago

One of our members, KentaNolin, created a chainsaw mill. If you need anything larger you need to rent a portable wood mill.

Portable mill

6 years ago

Easy way is to nail a couple of 2x4's to the log. Support it so you can cut clean and safe. Make sure you don't cut it too thin. You will need to plane the boards to smooth them. I'm sure if you do some google searches you can find videos or sites that are better at showing this than me trying to explain it.