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I need a wireless device that signals a light Answered

I'm new to instructables, I ran across your web-site researching this project.
I need to have a push button at one location in a warehouse that signals a light to come on when its pushed in another area of the warehouse
A light would emit at the forktruck drivers station. I would also like a  buzzer to sound also.
The distance is less than 200 ft. I would also like three buttons at alternate locations that when pushed would a light a different colored light.  This would signal the driver as to who wanted him.
I was told we could not use the walkie talkie device and it needed to be wireless. I would like the buttons mounted on a magnet so I can hang on a metal machine.I was thinking maybe a wireless doorbell


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10 years ago

A wireless doorbell only has a range of about 45 ft.